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360 Freedom Farrower

Quality Equipment UK & Ireland Distributor for the 360° Freedom Farrower™.  360 Freedom Farrower Brochuer

360 freedom Farrower crates with sow and piglets

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360 freedom Farrower crates with piglets

The360° Freedom Farrower™ unique design provides a nest area and allows sows the freedom to move around through 360 degrees whilst at the same time preventing overlaying of newborn piglets.

360 freedom Farrower crates with sow

The 360° Freedom Farrower™ ground breaking design has the same footprint as a conventional crate and was awarded a Good Sow Commendation from Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).

360 freedom Farrower crates

Advantages of the 360° Freedom Farrower ™ include good udder presentation, higher sow feed intakes, heavier weaning weights and mortality comparable with standard farrowing systems.

Two sizes available 2400 x 1800 and 2400 x 2100

Quality Equipment can advise and design appropriate layouts and supply and install penning walls, slats, heater pads, feeders and all ancillary equipment.

Freedom Farrower crates

When handling is required, the 360° Freedom Farrower™ increases safety and surety for the sow and the stockman. The width of the vertical bars permit stockman access.

  360° Freedom Farrower