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Balance Floor Farrowing System

Balance Floor Farrowing System

The Balance Floor Farrowing System has a unique moving floor which dramatically reduces the chance of pigs being overlaid by the sow, especially during the crucial first few days after birth when they are particularly vulnerable.

How it works:

1. When the sow stands up the central area of the pen floor rises up leaving the piglets on the lower level either side so they cannot get underneath her.

2. When the sow lies down the central floor area is lowered to the same level of the piglets to allow safe suckling.

3. The floors are operated by a pneumatic valve and when the piglets reach about seven days old and are less vulnerable this can be shut off leaving the sow’s and piglets’ floor areas at the same level like a conventional crate.

4. With huge reduction in piglet mortality, the Balance Floor System can pay for itself very quickly.

See video of the Balance Floor System below:

To order or request more information please call 01359 240 529

“Since installing 48 crates on the Balance Floor System, our piglet mortality in the first seven days from overlaying has dropped from 7{c49514c93ec44fa3c85d34a6fa3f8e074431649ca037c695219e3f0b29947792} to 1{c49514c93ec44fa3c85d34a6fa3f8e074431649ca037c695219e3f0b29947792}.”