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Complete Construction

“Our construction division can offer a complete package – literally from the ground up!”

Economic pressures have meant that pig farms have had to become larger and more efficient. Quality Equipment has met this demand through its dedicated complete construction division that can cope with this increased scale of operation.

As well as offering complete construction package deals with well proven pig building designs we can also purpose build according to individual pig farmer’s requirements.

complete constructioncomplete construction





We offer:

  • Design
  • Assistance with planning permission
  • Groundworks
  • Building construction

We have:

  • In-house skilled tradesmen
  • Our own plant to tackle large-scale projects
  • Knowledge and experience of pig farming systems

We can supply:

  • Hoppers, feeding and drinking systems
  • A range of flooring
  • Ventilation and heat-recovery systems
  • Pen divisions, gates, posts and other ancillary equipment

“We offer a total package UK wide.”