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Slurry Handling/Drainage

With increasing legislation on pollution, good, well managed drainage is essential on any pig farm. Quality Equipment can provide a number of options for slurry and surface water on both new and refurbished units.

Simple Flush System

Quality Equipment’s slurry pipe system enables slurry channels to be very shallow: just 12-18 inches. This saves expense during construction or refurbishment and also avoids the build up of slurry, keeping the atmosphere fresher for the pigs.

Key to the system is plastic piping laid along the length of the house. Attached to this are sanded T’s. A ball-type stopper, fitting the diameter of the pipe holds the slurry in place until released manually via a handle, which allows the slurry to flush cleanly away. This is done on a regular basis and can be released from outside the pen.


Sanded ‘T’ –

slurry handling/drainage




110mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm and 315mm

gate valve


Surface Drainage


Designed to channel rain and surface water safely away from yards these perforated PVC pipes are set within the concrete with the holes level with the surface. Smooth on the inside they have a rough rubber outer coating to ensure good adhesion to the concrete.


Supplied in 5m lengths the pipes are laid to the level of the concrete. The drainage holes are sealed with a plastic strip to prevent them becoming blocked during laying. This is removed after installation.

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