Drinker Brackets

We supply a range of drinker brackets suited to to all types of drinkers from farrowing through to finish. If you do have any questions regarding any of the items below please contact us on either 01359 240 529 or email to info@quality-equipment.co.uk 

45° Brackets –

Suitable for all types of drinkers for weaners, growers and finishers, ½’’ BSP.45 degree drinker brackets

15° Brackets –

Suitable for drinkers for sows and boars ½’’ BSP.

15 degree drinker brackets



30° Brackets –

½’’ inlet with ¾’’ outlet for drinkers with a ¾” thread.30 degree drinker brackets



Y-adaptor –

Useful where more drinkers are required without the need for extra piping.y-adaptor




Saddle clip –

Vital for keeping drinkers pig proof! To fit ½’’ and ¾’’ pipe sizes.saddle clips - brackets