Drinker Bowls

QE – Drinker Bowls

Stainless steel piglet drinker bowl

For mounting on the pen divisions in farrowing houses for piglets up to 15kg.stainless steel piglet drinker bowls




Bowl drinker for pigs

Available in two sizes for weaners and finishers.

weaner and finisher drinker bowls

Bowl drinker for sows and boars

Sturdy, easy-access drinker, which allows the sows and boars to dispense their own water.

sow and boar drinker bowls

Fordham type

Classic, time proven water bowl with its own float valve, suitable for all classes of pig.

Fordham drinker bowls


This plastic drinker, holding 5L, is designed to encourage water uptake by piglets in the farrowing pen.

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