Heated Water System

Heated Water System

Freezing up of the water supply system can be a serious problem for pig farmers and stock, particularly in houses containing a large number of pigs. Some naturally ventilated straw based houses for high welfare systems can be vulnerable especially during harsh winters like recently experienced. Apart from the inconvenience, damage from frozen pipes can be hugely expensive.

Even with heated systems one of the problems can be water freezing in the unlagged downpipes to which the drinkers are attached. Quality Equipment can supply a system which neatly overcomes this problem by a clever method of recirculation.

Water is warmed as it passes through a 3kW or 6kW heating element and is pumped around the system by a single phase pump capable of servicing, respectively, circuits up to 250m or 400m long. Water can be heated up to 40ºC at the heating source, but optimum setting depends upon the ambient temperature, age of pigs and length of pipe-run.

  • Avoids frozen pipes and drinkers
  • Ensures pigs have adequate water supplies in winter
  • Protects water system from ice damage.

The system recirculates warm water, but avoids dead end pipes by having a curved pipe linking drinkers so that warmed water is kept on the move.

Suitable for sows, weaners, growers and finishers, the system is simple to include in new housing and existing systems can be adapted. Plastic tubing is used for most of the circuit, since plastic retains heat, but metal piping is used where pigs can bite. Non-return valves prevent freshwater from becoming contaminated.

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