Pig Drinkers

Pig Drinkers

Quality Equipment supplies a comprehensive range of pig drinkers, water bowls and drinking troughs suitable for a variety of systems, whether for indoor or outdoor herds. Drinkers need to be married to management system, building type and class of pig. Our range covers them all!

Pig Drinkers

  • Bite – Popular bite drinkers in stainless steel with models for piglets, weaners, growers and finishers.

bite drinker

  • Toggle – Easy to operate, this pig drinker is especially suitable for use with wet/dry feeders for piglets through to finishing.

toggle drinker

  • Trough – This snout operated pig drinker is designed to be mounted over a trough, so that pigs can dispense their own water supply.

trough sprayer

  • Aquaglobe – Clever design of this pig drinker minimises water waste because the pig has to insert the drinker right into its mouth before it can operate the valve which releases water.

aquaglobe drinker

Drinker tank

Popular for use in yards and on outdoor units this pig drinker tank needs just one connection but has multi-drinking points and a reservoir of water where supplies can fluctuate.

pig drinkers

 Trough Drinker

  • Varying lengths to suit number of pigs per pen
  • Suitable for all pig accommodation
  • Helps to keep pens dry as water collects in trough
  • Fitted with toggle drinkers
  • Stainless steel
  • To be fitted to pen gates and pen walls

pig drinkers

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