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Electronic Sow Feeding

Automatically provide each sow in the group with the right amount of feed? Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding can do just that. Each sow can take her individual ration of feed here, in a safe and comfortable environment. That means that with less work, you can keep the sows in top condition. This is important in order to achieve more live born piglets, fewer returns and fewer leg problems. A better image and technical progress go hand in hand.

electronic sow feeding station

Heat Detection

The recognition and marking of sows based on heat

There is the option to expand the Electronic Sow Feeding with the Nedap Sow Heat Detection. This is a separate station that automatically recognises, marks and separates sows based on heat. It works faster and more accurately than traditional heat detection, while also contributing to the farmers safety.

heat detection for electronic sow feeding

Sow Separation

Automatic separation in group housing

Smoothly separate the sows you want? Nedap Sow Separation takes this chore off your hands. The system recognises the right animals and automatically leads them to the separation area, ensuring they can quickly be led to the breeding stall or farrowing pen. An ideal complement to the Electronic Sow Feeding.

electronic sow feeding - separation

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding: The benefits

  • Sows in top condition, more piglets
  • Less feed wastage
  • It’s simple to apply feed strategies
  • Notification when animals don’t eat
  • Calmness and relaxed sows
  • Automatic detection, marking and separation of sows based on heat
  • Easily more feeding types


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