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Farrowing Crates

Farrowing Crates

High quality, well designed farrowing crates helped to establish the reputation of Quality Equipment.  Today, we offer a choice of three designs, in addition to the revolutionary Balance Floor Farrowing System. All are hot-dip galvanised for long life.

As we make these crates ourselves we can adapt them according to individual requirements and farrowing pen dimensions. The Floating Rail and QE Royal crates have adjustable fronts to accommodate sows of different sizes.

We can supply black polypropylene and stainless steel troughs. In addition the pen fronts can be adapted for automatic feeding to work with different types of feed dispenser. Many pig farmers now like to feed highly productive sows several times a day according to condition.

QE Royal Farrowing CrateQE Royal

  • Adjustable front
  • Heavy duty floor fixings
  • Optional bowl/nipple piglet drinker bracket
  • ‘D’ type back door
  • Standard crate size 7′ x 11″ (2412) long

QE Floating Rail Farrowing CrateFloating Rail Crate

  • Floating bottom rail
  • ‘D’ type back door
  • Heavy duty floor fixing
  • Surrounds channels
  • Standard crate length 7′ x 11″ (2412)


QE Eurostyle Crate

  • Can be opened to allow the sow freedom of movement
  • Heavy galvanised constructioneurostyle crate
  • Piglet saver bars
  • Adjustable width
  • Reversable back door
  • Stainless steel standard trough or combined feed/water trough
  • Overall length including trough 2200mm


360° Freedom Farrower™360 Freedom Farrower

  • The 360° Freedom Farrower™ unique design provides a nest area and allows sows the freedom to move around through 360 degrees whilst at the same time preventing overlaying of newborn piglets.
  • The 360° Freedom Farrower™ ground breaking design has the same footprint as a conventional crate and was awarded a Good Sow Commendation from Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).

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Features available for all models:
– Sow and piglet drinkers
– Various troughs