Heat Pads

QE heat pads have a highly efficient 6mm insulated base which can give up to 50 per cent savings in energy consumption.

There are many different sizes available – below are some examples:

Rectangular Heat PadsRectangular

  • (54 watts) 900 x 400mm
  • (90 watts) 1200 x 400mm
  • (140 watts) 1200 x 600mm
  • (150 watts) 1200 x 800mm
  • (172 watts) 1200 x 1000mm

TriangularTriangular Heat Pads

  • (60 watts) 680 x 680mm
  • (120 watts) 850 x 850



Made from GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) they feature purpose built elements to ensure even heat distribution over the whole surface area thus allowing all piglets access to warmth. The power cable is protected from animal damage by a flexible stainless-stell tube.

Pads are available with or without a sensor along with a temperature controller capable of running up to 1800 watts.Heat Pad Controller

For orders of 30 or more pads – bespoke moulds can be made to your exact required size.

Other heat pad options available shown below. Please call 01359 240 529 for further information