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Individual Feeders

Individual Feeders

 Individual Feeders

With the abolition of sows stalls in the UK over a decade ago Quality Equipment has had years of experience in providing loose housing systems. Individual feeders for dry sow can form a vital part of this.

Our manually operated feeders are particularly suitable where sows are kept in small groups in straw based systems with scrape through dunging areas. Fully galvanised after manufacture, they can be provided with fixed, swinging or removable fronts.

Rear doors can be operated singly or in groups of two or three. We can make the feeders in various lengths and widths to suit your building. Feeding can be done manually or the feeders can be fitted with semi or fully automatic dispensing systems.

individual feeders

individual pig feedersIndividual pig feeders

“Probably the best way to feed a sow”.

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