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Weaner Trolley

Weaner Trolley

We have designed and made a weaner trolley helping to reduce time and strain on the farm. The dimensions of the trolley are bespoke and so will be suitable for many doorways and passageways making it a tailor made product for your farm.

weaner trolley

The make up of the trolley:

    • 700 mm wide x 1150 mm long (standard trolley)
    • Two fixed and two swivel wheels to help with Manoeuvrability
    • Hinged end door to release weaners from trolley without extra strain of handling
    • Plastic surrounds – non-corrosive and easy to clean
    • Galvanised frame

“Since using the weaner trolley it has helped to reduce the number of journeys we would usually make saving a lot of time and effort.”    – Wayne, R H & R Paul

“The hinged end door means less handling of the weaners and subsequently less stress for the pigs” – Wayne, R H & R Paul