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Nursery Cabin

The New Quality Equipment Piglet Nursery Cabin has been designed to assist the stockman care for piglets where today’s improved genetics result in high prolificacy of sows. This cabin follows on from the success at Countess Wells Farm which has performed exceptionally well. The Nursery Cabin offers an effective management tool for rearing excess piglets being born to todays prolific sows without reducing the productivity of precious farrowing house capacity and the breeding herd. Furthermore, the Nursery Cabin is available in various configurations of rooms and pens to suit individual farm requirements.

  • Self contained Portable Nursery Cabin for weaning of excess piglets
  • Various configurations available (see our Nursery Cabin Layouts page)
  • Warm water Transition Feeders for improved early weaning
  • Automatic fan and ventilation controls
  • Twin thermostatically controlled heat pads in each pen
  • Separate slurry tanks under each room
  • Hygienic easy clean finish

Click the link to view cabin pdf.

Click the link to view nursery cabin optional layouts

Customer comments

“On average, we save the life of half a pig per litter – that’s equivalent to nearly 700 pigs a year” – James Staples

“During the second week post farrowing this system allows us to be very proactive. If any individual piglets start to show signs of becoming disadvantaged we can immediately put a further litter into the nursery to free up another nurse sow.” – Robin Brice

“I only have to rear 12 extra piglets per batch to cover the finance on the New Nursery” – Andy Brown

Nursery Cabin Categories