Wet/Dry Feeders

Three feeders in the wet/dry feeders range cater for weaners and growers up to 45kg and finishers from 30kg through to 110kg. They provide dry feed, but incorporate a nose type drinker which allows the pigs to wet their feed in the trough.

There is a separate drinker and drinking compartment to give pigs access to fresh water whilst they are feeding. These sturdy feeders are manufactured with a stainless steel frame and a ten setting feed flow adjustment as standard, together with a pig operated feed agitator.

hox feeder - websiteTubo single polymer - for cat

The Tubo weaner feeder has a plastic trough while the finisher feeder has a polymer concrete trough. A stainless-steel trough is available on request. The feeders can be sited in a ‘stand-alone’ position or can be integrated within pen divisions. A larger capacity double hopper feeder is available to cater for greater numbers of pigs.

Domino Star Feeders



Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Trough Edge (mm) Capacity (kg)

No. of pigs 7-45kg


440 1180 430 100 56


K-Flex Double 1040 1410 385 100 165


K-Flex Double (2) - website


Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Trough Edge (mm) Capacity (kg) No. of pigs 25kg –


580 1180 560 130 56


S-Flex Double 1040 1410 510 140 165


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