A wide range of well made, high quality concrete slats are available from Quality Equipment. They are supplied in a variety of sizes with varying gaps according to the age and class of pig being housed: growers, finishers sows and boars.

An interesting option for wet feeding systems is a plastic insert, cast in during the manufacturing process, to protect key parts of the concrete panels that may come into contact with corrosive effects of some liquid feeds, such as whey.

Concrete Repair

Repeated pressure washing and cleaning can damage the surface of concrete floors, which can then become abrasive to the pig’s skin. Our concrete repair kit enables these patches to be repaired leaving a smooth, pig friendly surface.

When mixed together the special compound and liquid will cover an area of up to 5m2. Popular in both farrowing and weaner pens, it can also be used to fill individual holes up to 10mm deep.

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concrete repair