Pig Weighers

Pig Weighers

Quality Equipment now provide two high quality German manufactured electronic pig weighers. The ETW 300VA Weigher and ETW 300 Weigher.

electronic pig weigher

ETW 300VA Weigher (click here for pdf version)

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Platform height of 35mm
  • Large rubber wheels
  • Mains and battery operated
  • Splash-proof stainless steel control head
  • Precision weighing of restless animals
  • USB for transfer of data
  • Green, amber, red alerts for sorting pigs
  • Dims: 1600mm x 525mm x 900mm
  • Non-slip slatted floor
  • Weight: 54kg

To order or request more information please call 01359 240 529

Other weigher options are:

Galvanised Pig & Lamb Weigher – Mechanical/ Digital

  • Pig weigher with 150kgs capacity.
  • Salter spring balance weigh head positioned at an angle towards the operator.
  • Entry gate slides upwards and animal enters onto stable, unmoving floor.
  • Automatic locking catch on entry gate, single lever operation opens exit gate – operator need not move from one position, pedal on either side of crate weighs the animal.
  • Improved access to top of animal for marking and grading.
  • Weigh cage moves vertically on sealed bearings – minimal movement in other directions.
  • Fully hot dipped galvanised finish with mesh floor, wheels, foldaway handles and spray marker holder.
  • Length 1280mm
  • Height inside 765mm
  • Width inside 410mm

mechanical pig weigher