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Tote Bins and Barrows

Tote Bins

Quality Equipment makes a range of standard sized tote bins at its manufacturing head quarters in Suffolk. These are designed for easy transportation by fork lift. They are provided with a hinged hatch at the top for filling and a slide outlet at the base.

Tote bins are:

  • Constructed in 14 swg steel
  • Available in 1, 1.5 and 2 tonne capacities
  • Suitable for meal or pellets
  • Supplied with a painted finish

Tote bins and barrows

We are able to provide a variety of additional features, as illustrated. Tote bin stands are available to suit feed barrow or auger discharge.


Two main types of barrow are manufactured in house by Quality Equipment: Standard and Danish Style.


Our standard barrow measures 4’6’’ long x 26’’ wide x 20’’ deep and is supplied with:

  • Three wheels
  • Swivel front wheel – solid or pneumatic
  • Pneumatic tyres as standard
  • Capacity for up to 200kg feed
  • Galvanised finish for greater longevity

feed barrow - edit

Danish Style

Our Danish Style barrow measures 3’6″ x 22″ wide x 19″ deep and is supplied with:

  • Four wheels with solid tyres
  • Two swivel wheels
  • Handles front and back
  • Capacity for up to 125kg feed
  • Galvanised finish for longevity

danish feed barrow edit

To order or request more information please call 01359 240 529

“If you need barrows built to your own
specific requirements we can make and supply them.”