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Water Fittings and Pipes

The provision of clean, fresh water is a prerequisite for successful pig farming. Quality Equipment provides the means of getting water right to the pig, however complicated the system. Many farms have different pipe sizes, sometimes both imperial and metric, sometimes even in the same building. Quality Equipment has the fittings to overcome such niggly problems.

Water Fittings

  • Push Fit Fittings – A full range of these quick fit plastic fittings for pipes of 15mm and 22mm.
  • Stainless Steel Fittings – Again, a full range of stainless steel fittings in ½’’ and ¾’’ sizes.
  • Alkathene Fittings – Alkathene fittings in 20mm and 25mm.
  • Push-fit Adaptor for Alkathene – A simple adaptor for alkathene piping enabling connections to be made from 25mm to 22mm and from 20mm to 15mm.


  • Adjustable brackets – A range of fixed and adjustable brackets to suit a variety of systems and sizes of pig.
  • Hose barbs – Easy to use fitting for connecting plastic hoses to steel piping.
  • Cutting and threading – Quality Equipment offers a bespoke cutting and threading service for stainless steel pipes of ½’’ to 1’’ in diameter.
  • Medicators – A range of dosing equipment for medicating the water supply, which is vital when pigs stop eating but still need medication.

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