50mm Panel

The most popular panel for gates and divisions

35mm Panel

A lightweight option for farrowing surrounds

20mm Panel

Our thinnest panel for bespoke solutions

50mm Anti-slip

Applicable for flooring with varying surface types


Specialist panel for promoting air flow

Features of Paneltim

Easy to clean

The panels are easy to clean down with a pressure washer as no muck can stick to the polypropylene surface

quick to install

Available in 50mm, 35mm and 20mm, the panels are quick and easy to install in a wide range of applications


The panels are strong & robust due to their cellular design which gives the panel rigidity and toughness


Paneltim panels are resistant to the highly corrosive effects of pig dung and urine, which helps to prevent erosion of the panel

Paneltim is 100% Recyclable

Paneltim is a 100% recyclable material which keeps our environment free from plastic waste, we also offer recycled Paneltim panels as a more eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your projects.



The internal cell structure ensures that Paneltim plastic panels are always closed all around, even when cutting to size, avoiding ingression of dirt or moisture into the panels.


Paneltim plastic panels have a good insulation value thanks to the low thermal conductivity properties of plastic and because of the hermetically enclosed air into the cells.


Paneltim plastic panels are 100% recyclable and keep their raw material value. The panels are free from toxic substances and are complying to EU regulation 2011/65/EU.

Fire Class

According to EN SO 11925-2 Paneltim plastic panels have fire class E. On request, fire retarding ingredients can be added to improve fire behaviour.


Paneltim and Quality Equipment are finding new and innovative ways to incorporate Paneltim into agricultural use cases as well as the already well established set of applications known.

We at Quality Equipment, use Paneltim in our penning, walling, flooring and more specialist uses such as electrical enclosures and storage containers. We have on site facilities that allow us to stock, cut and weld panels to your bespoke requirements allowing us to deliver projects quickly and efficiently.

Paneltim Gates

Paneltim gates have become extremely popular because they are sturdy, easily worked, provide a hygienic easy-to-clean surface, and are resistant to the highly corrosive effects of pig dung and urine. In addition to this, they can be supplied complete with hinge assemblies that can be solid or have pre-molded apertures.

Paneltim Flooring

Paneltim Anti-slip panels provide an effective and expedient anti-slip solution and prevent slippery conditions. Paneltim Anti-slip panels come in two versions, the well-known plates with studs and five bars structures

Paneltim Penning

Paneltim is used throughout our agricultural accommodation applications due to the rigidity and durability it provides. Along with its unmatched resistance to the corrosive properties of dung and urine, as well as being easy to clean and install.

Paneltim cleaning is quick and easy

Our Paneltim Workshop facilities


Quality Equipment has invested in an on-site facility that is dedicated to the storage and fabrication of Paneltim including cutting and welding of bespoke panels. Our storage area has been increased by 220m2 which brings down the lead time on products using this material. 


The wall saw we purchased, provides accurate cutting, while the welder delivers strong joins with a high-quality finish. The machine can weld panels 4m wide and virtually any length, so panels can be produced in a variety of dimensions to suit your individual requirements and use cases.

Air lifter

In addition to our tools for fabricating panels, we have recently invested in an air lift system that allows our fabricators to lift panels effortlessly to protect them from injury as well as the ability to lift large panels that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to manufacture.


The new machines have enabled the company to achieve a three-fold increase in output while improving quality and uniformity. In addition to the well-known hollow ‘honeycomb’ Paneltim panels, the welder can cope with solid plastic panels in a wide range of thicknesses.

The Paneltim Workshop

Butt Welder
Wall Saw
Air Lifter