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Nipple Trough Drinker

Explicitly designed for pig farmers, this drinker features nipple-style water outlets with a trough under, ensuring easy access and minimal water wastage/spillage.

With its sturdy Stainless-Steel construction and reliable performance, our Nipple Trough Drinker provides your pigs with a constant and clean water source. The nipple design encourages natural drinking behaviour, promoting adequate hydration and overall herd health.

The Nipple trough drinker is suitable for pigs ranging from 7kg up to 120kg.

Available in standard sizes of 3, 5 & 6 space from stock. Custom sizes up to 12 spaces can be manufactured to order, however, multiples of the standard sizes often provide flexibility depending on the installation.

Our Nipple Trough Drinkers come with all drinkers pre-installed!