Services we offer

At Quality Equipment, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer a full range of services that make up a bespoke project.

We will assist in the design and configuration of your project with our expert advice. As well as our dedicated construction division carrying out the groundwork, building and finishing of your site.

We don’t just provide quality equipment, we manufacture it in our on-site steel & plastic workshop, we are with you every step of the way.

CAD Design

Using the latest software our CAD Designers will ensure you have a concrete plan, bespoke to your needs. We will deliver your expectations.


While we work with an array of trusted suppliers, we also manufacture a vast amount of our equipment so we can make it to size. We can advise on a cost-efficient solution.


Once the plan is set and our construction team are on site, we'll prepare the site and take it from there. Ensuring the project is built on solid foundations.


Once your site is prepared we begin laying concrete and will have our specialist team assemble the steel frame, walls and roof.


Once your building has been erected, we will fully kit out the internals with our specialist fitters, electricians and feed system experts. 


When your project is complete, we will continue to provide any support needed with maintenance or upgrades to the building.

Manufacturing Services

Our ability to manufacture our own equipment is one of Quality Equipment’s unique differences. Being able to tailor-make systems and essential kits according to individual pig farmers’ needs sets us apart.

We know how frustrating it can be when a standard-sized piece of equipment won’t fit. We can make it fit!

We have years of experience in customising equipment for pig farmers and through our apprenticeship scheme, we have developed people with the skills and understanding to meet your needs.

Steel Workshop

We have a dedicated, on-site, steel workshop where we manufacture a range of products used in piggeries.

Plastic Workshop

The state-of-the-art plastic panels workshop where we are able to cut, weld and lift panels of almost any size.

Feeder Workshop

The feeder workshop is where we test, develop and manufacture our successful Transition Feeder range.

Paneltim® Plastic Workshop

We have invested in lots of high-tech equipment, vast storage spaces and skilled workers in order to deliver the best in Paneltim®

Types of products

We manufacture a wide range of products here at our facility, this includes a the following selection shown below but is not limited to.