Electronic Sow Feeding

Designed with the sow's needs first

With Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding, you can ensure each sow gets the individual feed and care she needs, as well as the benefits of being in a calm gestation group. Nedap can design the automated feeding concept into any size operation, including new or remodeled buildings. Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding can help you eliminate feed waste and optimize whole-herd feed efficiency. How? With accurate data at your fingertips, you can set feed plans for each sow.

The system automatically adjusts diets, and your sows stay in optimal body condition. The system is designed with the sow’s needs in mind. It allows each sow to eat safely, without interruption and walk forward, away from the group, when she’s finished. The unique design of group sow gestation pens with Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding keeps sows calm and supports a productive atmosphere. The design incorporates feed-stations with forward-exits, which has been proven for decades to minimize sow injury and stress by separating fed and unfed sows.

The benefits of individual sow feeding with Nedap Livestock Management

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Dave Denys, farmer in Parkhill Ontario:​

“When a sow leaves the feed unit, she has to walk down the full length of the barn and back again. Most of the time on her walk back, she decides to lay down and sleep. With other styles of feeding systems, sows want to get back into the feeder, which creates aggression and puts more wear and tear on equipment.”